circumcisionstory-deactivated20 asked: Hi,
I'm about to have an adult circumcision.
Being aware of all information, I still want it done.
I will be writing a daily blog leading up to the operation and after.
It would be great if you could follow me or even promote me to others.
I believe that I can give others a first hand view from before and after. Both sides of the argument.

I wish you luck with your circumcision. Every person should have the opportunity to decide what happens to their body. Unfortunately, infant circumcision removes that choice for many men.

It will be interesting reading your Tumblr as you chronicle your circumcision. Do you plan on blogging about your decision process, including why you choose a particular type of cut? It would also be interesting to read about how your masturbation technique changes and how sex differs before and after.

From my readings, there are three significant stages many men experience after their adult circumcision. The first stage is hypersensitivity from having their fully sensitive mucosal tissue exposed full time. During this stage, there is irritation from having the penis contact clothing.

The second stage is heightened sensitivity. This stage occurs after the man gets adjusted to having an exposed glans and inner foreskin remnant. The adjustment is a combination of getting used to the exposed tissue and a slight keratinization of the mucosal tissue. Many men report better sex during this stage, particularly if there is a lot of remaining inner foreskin and frenulum.

The third stage is reduced sensitivity from keratinization of the mucosal tissue. The third stage can occur after a few months or many years. Many men report less sexual satisfaction in this stage. The onset of the third stage depends on how tightly the man was cut. For example, those with a looser cut may never reach the third stage.

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